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First go to the Report page, you can do that by clicking on Report located on the navbar.

Audit your site or device

First of all, to get a report of any site or device you have to do an audit of that site or device first, so if you didn't the report will fail.

Then a form will open where you can select a site or a device and see the report or download it.

Clicking on the download button you will download the report in a spreadsheet format so you can save it locally and see it on your favorite spreadsheet viewer.

Clicking on the see report button, the system will redirect you to a report page with all the info about your site or device.

Inside the report page you can see information about your devices, like the IP, manufacturer, when was the last audit, the OS version of the device, if this OS version is the recommended and other useful information.

You can also see a chart of how many issues your site or device has over time and a chart with the severity of these issues.

And mostly important you can see the result of the last audit of this device or site with the issues, severities and of course how to correct them.