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The openNetaudit is an opensource software that do auditing in network devices supporting different vendors, such as Cisco, Juniper, Huawei, Extreme and Mikrotik. It searches for configuration parameters, comparing to a baseline. It also compares the audited devices operational system (OS) to a reference database. The audit results are consolidated in web based reports with the possibility to export to spreadsheets.

The interaction with network devices is done with ssh2 through the use of some libraries (nornir, napalm and netmiko).

By default the system provides some security best practices, but it is also possible that users can create their own rules.

No Responsibility Disclaimer

All recommendations provided by this platform are subject of interpretation and applicability by the user. The developers do not take responsibility for any damage or loss caused by recommendations. The platform execute commands in the audited devices. Some equipments could have unpredictable behaviors during command line executions, so the developers recommend to test in a lab environment first, and when executed in production take care of possible results. The openNetaudit do not configure anything in network devices, all the commands executed by this software are listed at commands. The communication between the system and the network devices runs on top ssh2, so it has encryption by default. It is recommended to configure the webserver to run with encryption enabled (SSL), providing security end to end. Passwords used to log in to devices are not stored in any form.